SuperCoach has launched!

The spectacular launch of SuperCoach was held at Rydges Port Macquarie in front of a crowd of business people.

Breaking away from the brown cardigan wearing, Monty Pythonesque stereotype of accountant is not easy, but David Ross – Founder of SuperCoach showed a totally different side when launching SuperCoach. Think lights, fog, Superman theme and a guitar and you pretty much have an idea of how far from the bespectacled accountant SuperCoach is.

Guests on the night were treated to the story of David and SuperCoach, as the company believes Every business needs a hero and every hero has a story.

A great night had by all, and a great launch to a Super Brand.

A big thanks to Rydges Port Macquarie, Ash Lowe, Mic Rees and Kylie Morris as well as the Supercoach Crew on the night for making it all possible.

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