Small Business Safety Rebate

The New South Wales Government have expanded a rebate of up to $500 for small business owners and sole traders in New South Wales to buy and install equipment to make their workplace safer.

This is a really great initiative for businesses to be able to take advantage of on two fronts.

  1. For themselves to be able to get business safety equipment and get a rebate up to $500, and
  2. Thinking outside the box a little and looking at the eligible items and contemplating what your business does, and if your businesses is in any of the industries that provide those items. If it is, then you should be approaching your clients and your customers in terms of the rebate and saying “Hey, you can get up to $500 towards what I sell”

You see, when people are spending their own money, they typically negotiate over the price, or they’re a little bit hesitant on the sale.

But when people are spending other people’s money, such as when they can get a rebate for the full price, then they’re less inclined to either negotiate, or to worry about whether they should or shouldn’t buy.

So it’s a really great opportunity for business owners to think outside the box. Think of whether they are in the industries that sell these items and approach their customers in terms of increasing their sales, because at the moment we’re all looking for opportunities to increase sales.

Have a bit of a look at the link for the rebate and see what you can do in your business, over and above, claiming it yourself.

There’s some great opportunities to get safety equipment.

But also, whether you can offer it to your customers or clients.

There are some eligibility requirements such as attending an eligible Safework event, however there are on demand webinars at the moment, so it’s pretty easy to sit in on a webinar, answer a few short questions, and then be eligible.

It’s all run by New South Wales Safework, and a fantastic opportunity for business to take advantage of.

Click on the link and become familiar with the rebate and see what it can do for your business. As always, if you would like help with applying this or any strategy in your business, book a Business Coaching Session

Rebate Information

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