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The Less How, More Do approach to Business Advisory

Are you an accountant wanting more for your clients?

Are you struggling to get business advisory working in your firm?

Have you learnt all there is to learn about advisory but still struggle to actually implement the ideas and offer the services in a profitable way to your clients?

It’s time you took a look at SuperFirm. You see, SuperFirm has been created specifically for you. It’s all about Less How and More Do. That’s right, a model that can be up and running immediately, utilising our qualified business coaches and advisors. It’s also a model that is geared towards you having a stand alone advisory division within 3 years, if that is what you choose to do.

By using our coaches and our advisory platform, you get to stay on top of your accounting game and can stay focused on the other core objectives in your business.

Square One
Getting your Practice Advisory Ready

Square One provides Accountants with a clear plan to become Advisory ready.

Square One is NOT a course on HOW to do advisory. Instead, it aims to address the key areas that need to be in place before starting an Advisory Division.

Square One can be used by firms who are wanting to forge their own road with Advisory, or can form part of being a SuperFirm Joint Venture partner.


Month 1 – The Centered Practice – don’t just add to the chaos

To avoid advisory becoming an unwanted distraction, and as a result, failing to fire, you need to first have your house in order.

SuperCoach will conduct our detailed “Centred Practice” review, highlighting key practice areas requiring attention prior to rolling out your advisory plan.

Once strategies are put in place to resolve any issues discovered as part of the review, you will be clear to commence planning for advisory success.


Month 2 – Mindset and Conversations

Prior to coaching or advising your clients, it is critical that you have your own headspace right. Executive coaching has been proven to increase effectiveness of not only the individual but also that of the team they lead. You will receive a Mindset Executive coaching session for each partner (or senior/manager if applicable).

In addition, you will receive guidance on how to conduct Higher Level conversations with clients. the ability to have these conversations is essential to capturing advisory opportunities.


Month 3 – All Aboard

It is now time to get cracking. We will work with you to get clarity around what is happening now and what you are wanting to Achieve from advisory. You will create a clear identity for your future advisory work as well as get the team involved in the process.


Month 4 – Existing Clients

How well do you really know your clients? No, seriously, how well do you really know them? For effective advisory to be done, we need to step things up a notch. We will help you by:

  1.  Creating an Active CRM system for your advisory clients
  2.  Reviewing your Current Advisory Services – What is Offered vs Takeup
  3. Analysing Opportunities within your existing client base
  4.  Identifying your Top 10 Targets for early wins.


Month 5 – Prospect Identification

Advisory is a great opportunity to differentiate your firm. By having clear prospects and/or niches, you will find it easier to generate advisory leads for your pipeline. SuperCoach will work with you to identify your targets and formulate strategies for approaching and nurturing them.


Month 6 – Roll Out Plan

Now that you have prepared your firm , it’s time to roll out the advisory services. But you need a clear plan, otherwise projects will be put off, procrastination will set in, and there will always, always,be something else to get done.

By the end of month 6 you will have a clear plan on how you will implement advisory over the next 12 months. This will include all key calendar events, as well as communications schedule to clients and prospects. It will also cover key actions required to ensure advisory success.

If you choose to proceed with the SuperFirm JV platform, your dedicated coach will work with you on the recommended SuperFirm rollout plan, proven to achieve advisory success.


$10,997 upfront or 6 x monthly instalments of $1,997

BEST VALUE: 20% SuperFirm Member Rebate
If you sign up to become a SuperFirm Member at any time prior to the completion of your Square One program, we will rebate 20% of your fee as part of future revenue splits.
This allows SuperFirm members to be advisory ready within 6 months, for less than $1,500 per month